About us

Founded in 2002, VFX Wizard srl is a privately owned company that can help you learning, or teaching, visual arts through a state of the art, custom developed, eLearning system.

Going far beyond what a LMS (Learning Management System) usually offers, we provide a ready to use online campus, with unparalleled features.

  • Video and textual Tutorials
    This is the traditional, low cost, approach to online education and is fully supported. Students can enroll at any time, and access the entire course at their own pace.
  • Instructor-led trainings (“COACH” mode)
    COACH courses are real, instructor-led, online courses. Term length is entirely customizable and can range from one month to a full fledged, two years long, training program. Lessons are drip-fed to students with weekly or monthly assignments, assignment reviews, and optional certification upon successful course completion. Coach mode courses can also optionally allow students to pause their trainings up to a defined limit.
  • Self taught courses (“SOLO” mode)
    SOLO courses share the same feature set of COACH courses, however students are not required to complete assignments and can be excluded from the tutoring queue. SOLO courses can be provided as an inexpensive alternative to COACH courses. They can also be used as non credit granting courses.
  • Quizzes, polls and surveys
    Each lesson or course can have one or more multiple choice question quiz, optionally with a time limit. Polls and surveys can be placed anywhere in a course, even as a prerequisite to opening further lessons or issuing a certification. Surveys can accept ratings on different scales, open answers, or multiple choice questions.
  • Students forums
    A custom made forum system caters for support and interaction. Social features and profiles enhance activity and allows participants to share opinions, critiques and start “Work in Progress” (W.I.P.) threads.
  • Private Helpdesk
    A private helpdesk system is built in and its management can easily be outsourced. The helpdesk is meant to handle all billing or technical issues, freeing the forums from noise. Optionally, tickets can be escalated or forwarded to the teaching staff.
  • Students Dashboards
    State of the art student’s Dashboards allow each student to keep track of his or her own progress, to submit assignments, receive reviews, manage a personal profile, keep track of payment schedules and access certificates.
  • Complete eCommerce solution
    Courses can be purchased online, with a secure billing and invoicing system that handles even the strictest European Union regulations. Courses can be setup for fully automated delivery or set to start on a specific date.
  • Coupons and free trials
    Both free, time limited, trial coupons and discount codes are built in. Coupons have automatic expiration dates and can be configured directly from within the Helpdesk Dashboard.
  • Blog and Content Manangement System
    A complete CMS (Content Management System) makes the eLearning system self-contained and allows to build an entire website around the courses. Everything is managed from one, simple, coherent interface.

Hundreds of other features are packed in the eLearning system, from content protection against download to the teacher’s ability to provide students with critiques as text messages, PDF reports or even recorded screencasts.

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